How to put my 2011 GL 550 in short term storage?


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Huntsville, UT, USA
Hi all,

I am the happy new owner of a 2011 GL 550 with 127,000 miles. Loving it!! I bought this to keep at my vacation home. I have been using it now for a month, but am flying home next Saturday with plans to return in August. So it will not be used for about 5-6 months... What do I need to do to help assure I continue to love it when I return?
  • It will be garaged at my house.
  • I have a trickle charger for the battery. I see the posts in the engine compartment (separate from the actual battery) which is what I plan to connect to. Ok?
  • I can fill the tank with gas. Should I use any fuel stabilizer?
  • I was not planning to do anything to the tires. Should I? I'm hoping not to put it on jacks, since my wife may come alone and would not be comfortable getting the car back on the road.
  • Anything specific with the air suspension that I should be doing?
Loving this car enough to think I would like another one back home too. Hoping the idle time does not change my mind!!