Anyone know how mice get into GLS450 (2021) cabin??

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi everyone, I have a gorgeous brand new GLS 450 (mojave silver) and just discovered a few little rodent droppings and a chewed kleenex - maybe even a small spot with chewed carpet.

UGH! We never leave food in the car, but we do live in a mountainous area where there are a lot of mice and rats.

Does anyone know the method by which rodents find their way into the cabin of these vehicles so we can find a way to keep them out?

We had a Subaru Outback a few years ago that had a rodent do $6000 of damage in the cabin - turned out there was a plastic air release that is commonly chewed through on Subarus, and we had a metal mesh cover made to keep them out - and it worked.

Hoping to find a solution for this! So devastated for my gorgeous car!